Fact checking The Myths About Internet Security

Staying active on the internet all day long is not a new scenario for us because we have been witnessing this change in people’s online activities for a long time now. Not just individuals but businesses are also making use of the internet more than ever. And, this behavioral change in the masses’ online activities is something that is giving rise to more cybercrimes. And, more cybercrimes call for more cyber security. However, the main problem here is that most of us are not concerned about our cyber security and most of us are not aware of what it actually means to be cyber secure.

At the same time, most of us have a habit of living in an imaginary world that is far from reality. And, such people think that they are already taking enough measures to stay cyber secure. However, this is not the case. There are a lot of people who have a lot of myths about staying secure on the internet.

So, I am here to bust those myths so that you can actually take some other effective measures to stay safe from the evil eyes of hackers and cyber crooks. Well, the measures that we take to stay protected on the internet may still work for some users but these measures do not give us 100% protection.

This majorly happens due to the lack of awareness among users and partial information. Although cyber experts are trying their best to spread awareness among people, there are always some people who remain left out. Though this may not affect individuals on a larger level, it may turn out to be a severe loss for businesses if they ever fall victim to a cyber threat.

List of top cyber security myths

  • We are completely cyber secured

Well, this is the biggest myth that we believe in. No matter how strong we think our device security is, cybercrooks may still find loopholes to exploit it. Thus, it is our prime duty not to believe that we are completely secure and take additional measures to ensure that we are implying enough protective solutions for achieving as much security as we can.

  • An antivirus solution would give us maximum protection

If you are using one of the products from the biggest antivirus giant mcafee.com/activate and you think that it would safeguard you completely, then you must note that it would not. Although these solutions may give you diverse services for security protection, they may still have loopholes in them. At the same time, cyber security experts are so clever that they keep on finding new-fangled ways to exploit our security in all the possible ways.

  • Our passwords actually secure our accounts 

Hacking the password of any account is not something that is tough for hackers. They can do this in a few minutes. Therefore, believing that our passwords are strong enough to protect our privacy is one of the biggest myths that we have. Thus, you are always advised to use multi-factor authentication protocols to protect your accounts.

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  • We would not witness a cyber attack

Busting another cyber security myth, I would like to say that most of us believe that our systems or accounts would not get attacked or cybercrooks would not be able to reach us. However, this is not actually true. Any system that contains sensitive data is prone to get attacked no matter how strong security measures it is using.

  • Any attack would immediately show its signs 

After going through a lot of analysis it was found out that a cyber-attack may not show its signs for a long time. However, this is one of the biggest myths that businesses have. Therefore, we need to keep on performing analyses of our devices and data on a regular basis.

  • Our Wi-Fi networks are secure

After securing our Wi-Fi routers with passwords, we think we have taken enough measures to protect them from hackers. However, we actually have not. Wi-Fi routers also have the ability to get hacked and may pose a serious risk to the devices it is connected to.

  • Hackers do not take interest in small businesses

Whether it is a small business or a large-scale organization, it always has things that could benefit a cyber-criminal. So, if you own a small business and you think that you would not be targeted, this is the biggest misconception that you have. Therefore, it is equally important for small businesses to take care of their devices and the stored data so that they do not have to face troubles with their businesses.


Cyber crooks are always hunting for techniques to get their hands on some sensitive information about our business so that they can benefit themselves financially. It is equally important for businesses as well as individuals to stay alert and undergo regular monitoring of the devices and the data stored in them so that they can make sure their security is not compromised at any stage.